Five Questions with… Hailey Kinzel

Hailey Kinzel sets off at the Florida State Time Trial Championship in 2022. (Gabriel J. Diaz/VeloPista Photo)

How did you get started in racing?

I’m still fairly new with racing, but I’ve been into sports ever since I was little. But, what really started it all was when I moved here to Florida in May 2020. I met Rane and Edelle from Miami Fruit and they are both cyclists. That’s what really got me into the sport. I did indoor spin classes before moving here, but I didn’t actually have my own bike. I finally got my first bike at Mack Cycle later that year and fell in love with it.

Road, gravel, or mountain biking?

I prefer riding road, but I still like gravel and am looking forward to racing in the next gravel season. But, what I’m really loving right now is racing in triathlons.

How did last season go for you – highs and lows?

Last season I did not do much. I was just training. I did a time trial and ended up getting first place… but I was also the only girl in my age group. I also competed in my first triathlon recently with Mack Cycle and got first for my age group as well…. unfortunately I was also the only girl in my age group.

That was definitely one of the lows of racing. Where is the competition? Hahaha

What’s next for you on the race calendar?

Up next on the calendar for this year is the Augusta Iron Man 70.3 in September. Also, Miami Man with Mack Cycle in November and Tri Key West with Mack Cycle in December. Hopefully, I will get some gravel and road races in-between the triathlons as well.

What’s the one thing you want people to know about you?

I want people to know that I am taking this seriously. Sometimes it feels a little intimidating being a young woman in the sport, but I’m dedicated. Yes, above all this is something that I love and it will be a hobby for me until I’m no longer physically able to ride a bike, and let’s hope that’s not for a long time. But, I do have a dream of being able to make a career out of this one day down the road and I’m ready to train hard for it.

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