Five Questions with… Rane Roatta

Rane Roatta leads the pack of racers
Rane Roatta leads the pack of racers

How did you get started in racing?

I fell in love with cycling after doing two cross country (USA) bike tours. Documented somewhere in the Internet, I did Miami to New York and east to west coast. This built up my endurance chops and got me excited to race.

Road, gravel, or mountain biking?

I actually started with triathlon because I had such a good base built with slow twitch type of riding. Then I started racing gravel and a little bit of road. Gravel is the most similar kind of efforts to a triathlon I’ve found. Usually it ends up being a long effort sub threshold. The longer the better!

How did last season go for you – highs and lows?

Florida Gravel State Champ was my highlight so far. Nothing too low other than lots of flat tires but I’m excited to get back in there and do more gravel racing.

What’s next for you on the race calendar?

Local time trials and a few races, then unbound/ dirty Kansas 

What’s the one thing you want people to know about you?

I’ve been vegan 12 years now and haven’t died yet [laughs]. Actually, diet I feel is a big benefit to performance. Having low cholesterol and high blood volume/ cardiovascular efficiency, as well as improved recovery times from a low inflammation diet (aka plant based diet).

I also own a local fruit company called (Instagram: @miamifruit).

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